25 Dec

Sesame Street Theme Song

by Inspired and the Sleep

Here’s a cover of the classic Sesame Street Theme Song. Almost made it onto Teenager. but those industry peeps took soooo long.

Beats people. Beats#sou

Merry Christmas,

15 Dec

Demo: “Stitchez” Much older song that I demoed not too long ago. Super slops, but you get the idea. It’s weird how some songs resonate with you while others don’t.

14 Dec

With Every Season Change

by Inspired & the Sleep

Demo: “With Every Season Change”

This is a super old song that I reworked months back. made a little janky demo. dig the untightness

07 Dec

New Demo: “The Hole You Live In” Fifth demo this week.

Might be my fav. Grooves

06 Dec

Polaroid Season

by Inspired & the Sleep

New Demo: “Polaroid Season” Fourth demo this week.

I was gonna make it just anotha janky little demo, but then shiz got orchestral. You know how that goes.

04 Dec

Can't Discern The Punks

by Inspired & the Sleep

New Demo: “Can’t Discern the Punks” Third Demo this Week.

Definitely my least favorite. utter poop. But there’s always a runt in the litter. THE NEXT TWO WILL BE EPIC THO!

03 Dec

New Demo : “Boys In The Van”

Second demo this week. Dig the beat.

02 Dec

New Demo: “Pescatarian”

First of a batch of demos I’m posting this week.

Rough ideas, concepts, etc. The beats panned. bout as close to pop punk I think i’ll ever get.

08 Nov

Here’s a song called “Death Of A Coconut”

it’s funny as flip. the lyrics are deep

I think this was the first song I ever recorded

recorded with bryce outcault whose playing guitar and keys for inspired live.

I believe we were freshman in high school

We had a project called: B&MEĀ  or The Bryce and Max Experience

Actually I JUST FOUND THE MYSPACE LINK: http://www.myspace.com/brycemaxexperience

Why did I ever quit this project….? What am I doing with my life…

06 Nov


This is the only spot you can get the high quality wavs + B-sides




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